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SoFo- Wild Turkey Story & Game For Kids Ages 5-7

Sunday, Nov 20, 2016 10:30 AM

Please call 537-9735 for reservations
and info about meeting places.

The turkeys we eat at Thanksgiving come from farms and are called domesticated turkeys. They have white feathers instead of brown and black and are heavier than Wild Turkeys, so they cannot fly. They would not be able to survive in the wild. Wild Turkeys live in forests and fields eating insects, acorns, berries, and seeds. They are food for Great Horned Owls, eagles, coyotes, and humans. Their eggs are eaten by raccoons, foxes, and snakes. In this program, we will play the Wild Turkey Survival Game and learn what these birds need to do to survive in the wild. Advance reservations are required for all events. Programs free for SoFo members. Non-members: $10 per adult, $7.50 per child 3-12 years of age, 2 and under free. Fees include free admission to the museum on the day of the event. Tel. (631) 537-9735 email: sofo@hamptons.com.

Carol Crasson
(631) 537-9735